Simply Malibu's Best

A Little Bit About Me

Cooking has pretty much been a passion of mine my whole life, as early as 12 years old. But I took a job as a waitress when I was 19 years old while in art school as I realized that making it as an artist and make a living too was slim and none! Then, after only 4 months of waiting tables, I naturally gravitated to the kitchen when the chef saw how fast I made my own omeletone slow Sunday morning. The rest is history.

I had my start in the world of cooking when I accidentally drove into what I thought was a dress shop. It was in fact Ma Maison, the Hollywood Eatery of Los Angeles in 1979 headed by master chef, Wolfgang Puck. After a year at Ma Maison, I went on to L'Orangerie, then La Toque and then Spago Sunset, where I was head chef he last year.

After 5 months in Iceland and Europe in 1993, I opened Bambu, Malibu as Executive Chef and partner, the hottest restaurant Malibu has ever seen. I recieved 2 awards in 1996 and 1997 for one of the Top 100 Chef's in North America as a leader in the culinary arts. I then met Paul Newman at Bambu, who hired me to co-author two cookbooks and creat 2 products for Newmans Own from 1998 to 2000. I then started my own catering business and have been doing this since then among many other things. MY MEMOIR, Food Sex, Wine and Cigars will be for sale here in a few months! Look out for it here! My philosophy is simple:  I know that my reputation is only as good as my last catering job.