Meatballs with pomodoro sauce

Shrimp - with macaroni, TBG and spinach

Linguini- with arugula, bacon, tomato, onion and olive oil

Brussels sprouts- with macadamia nuts, bacon and pine nuts

Paprika Halibut- with tomato, white beans, parsely and olives

Whole roasted chicken- with rosemary, garlic and olives

Sea Scallops- with cauliflower rice and asparagus

Mixed Greens- strawberries, goat cheese, pecans 

Filet Mignon- with garlic and rosemary

Halibut- with tomato, sun dried tomato and olives

Risotto- with butternut squash, tomato and scallions

Roasted Butternut squash- with pine nuts and balsamic syrup

Available Dishes 

Everything is Organic, Clean and Fresh




*Caesar Salad- romaine, shaved parmesan, croutons and Caesar dressing

*Arugula- mushrooms, shaved parmesan, pine nuts, champagne dressing

*Strawberry and Arugula Salad- candied walnuts, shaved red onion, parsley, goat cheese with basil orange dressing

*Spinach Salad- with tomato, roasted pecans, baby Bufala with balsamic dressing

*Mixed Greens- with cucumber, carrots, radishes with citrus dressing


Entrees with Wine Pairing Suggestion- To order at The Boisset Collection, click here. Great deals everywhere and have great choices from the California coast and France. You can customize shipments too!

* During COVID- 19 shipments are taking a bit longer. 


*Panko Lemon Chicken Breasts or Thighs-with garlic, baby tomato basil sauce *Rose |Wattle Creek |2017 California*

*Sautéed Shrimp- with macaroni, baby tomato, basil, garlic and spinach *Lockwood Chardonnay "Pure-Unoaked" |2018 Central Coast, CA*

*Whole Chicken -cut up and roasted with black olives, garlic, rosemary, and onions *Lockwood Pinot Noir | 2018 Central Coast, CA*

*Sea Scallops- with butter, lemon, olive oil *Cremant de Bourgogne | Loius Bouillot "Perle d'Aurore- Brut Rose" | NV Burgundy, France*

*Lasagna Pesto- choice of beef, chicken and veggies *Zinfandel | De Loach |2017 Russian River Valley, CA*

*Roasted Halibut- with olive oil, white beans, tomato, olives, spinach and thyme *French Bubbles | Haute Coture "Limited Edition" | NV France*

*Chicken OR Beef Meatballs- with pennate Pomodoro *California Cabernet Raymond "Family Classic" | 2018 North Coast, CA* 

*Filet Mignon- with rosemary and garlic *Wattle Creek Cabernet Sauvignon | 2016 Napa Valley, CA*

*Halibut- with tomato, sun dried tomato and kalamata olives *Sparkling Gamay | JCB French Kiss | NV Beaujolais, France *(sweet sparkling red) *




*Roasted Butternut Squash- pine nuts and onions with balsamic syrup

*Tuscan Cabbage- with onions and red peppers

*Broccoli- with onions, potatoes and carrots

*Cauliflower Rice and Asparagus

*Roasted Asparagus

*Glazed Colorful Carrots

*Brussels- with bacon, macadamia nuts


*Risotto- with butternut squash, tomatoes, Parmesan and scallions

*Penne Pomodoro

*Linguini- with bacon, arugula, tomato and olive oil

*Roasted Baby Potatoes

*Mac n' Cheese

*Angel Hair - with pesto and diced potatoes



I offer my products, Butter Barn Butter Treats as desserts and are also for sale on line or at all Erewhon locations. (

***All cookies come 2 in a pack and brownies, blondies and Keto come with 1 in a pack.***


*Insanely Delicious Brownie

*Vegan Marshmallow Brownie

*Chocolate Chip Almond Cookie

*Vegan Peanut Chocolate Chunk Cookie

*Marshmallow Chocolate Chunk Cookie

*Vegan Oatmeal Matcha Coconut Crisp Cookie- with lemon

*Vegan Espresso Peanut Blondie- with cayenne

*Matcha White Chocolate Pistachio Lemon Cookie

*Keto Red Velvet Brownie

*Keto Raspberry Cheesecake

*Grandma's Date Bar

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