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Superhero Buffet

Mark’s Superhero Themed 5th Birthday Party

Every year I’ve catered for this adorable little boys birthday, Mark, since he was 1 year old. Of course, we missed a few because of Covid, but his parents sure made up for that lost time on this one! They had costumed entertainers dressed like the biggest superheros, even the Joker was on stilts! The kids ate Marks favorites; pizza and crispy panko chicken fingers, while the adults gorged on Maine lobster with avocado and orange dressing, shrimp with lemon butter, filet mignon with onion au jus, Chinese chicken salad, Arugula salad, Baked Wild Salmon with bacon, onion, fennel salsa, Caprese salad with blood orange balsamic and roasted cauliflower, baby heirloom carrots and asparagus with truffle oil and Parmesan. The Malibu Chef looks forward to next year’s event, possibly in Florida!

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