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Natalie Aley Band

I catered Natalie's wedding recently and she and her new husband sang and played beautiful guitar! She would be perfect for your wedding. She has a rock n' roll past and professional Latin background, Natalie's band is a perfect mix of contemporary tunes, hot latin rhythms and a Top 40 sound. The lounge music is a great choice while dining on my yummy food, while the ubeat set is perfect for dancing. 

Natalies Bio- 

Natalie Aley began to pursue her solo music career after landing the lead role in "We Will Rock You," the world-renowned musical produced by legendary rock band, Queen. Brian May, the guitarist and writer on many of Queen’s hits ("We Will Rock You", "We Are the Champions,”) advised Natalie to move to California and start pursuing her solo career.

Following his advice, Natalie moved to Los Angeles to begin working on her music. After collaborating with local songwriters, Natalie released two singles, "This Is My Life" and "La-Di-Da-Di-Dah," that reached the top of the iHeartRadio charts. She also co-wrote the song, “Innocence,” with May himself. Soon after, Natalie joined the New Cycle Band, where her deep involvement with Brazilian music began. She performed with the band all over California and became a staple at such venues as Samba (Redondo Beach), Areal (Santa Monica), Saint Rock (Hermosa Beach), and Brazilian Arts Café (Santa Barbara).

They also had a residency at the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Brian May gave Natalie excellent feedback regarding the New Cycle Band.


He exclaimed, "Wow! That’s a nice band you got there... all good musicians... and a great feel... lovely vocalists!"

Check out this video on YouTube to see if she is right for you!