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Your Chef Lisa, has been cooking professionally for 47 years, training under Wolfgang Puck at Ma Maison for one year, then L'Orangerie for one year and La Toque with Ken Frank- filling for him a short time.  She then got her first big break at Spago Sunset in 1983, becoming Wolfgang's head chef in 1985, just 7 years into her career.


After Spago, Lisa consulted for a variety of restaurants for the following 4 years, cooked privately for several clients in Malibu for 5 years, and then went to Iceland to bring California Cuisine to Reykjavik. After consulting there for 3 months, Lisa traveled Europe for 5 weeks bringing new ideas with her for the opening of "Bambu", the wildly successful restaurant that had 2 kitchens, a sushi bar and her Eclectic cuisine, where she was hired as the executive chef and partner upon her return. 


During her 5 years at Bambu, Lisa won 2 awards for one of the 'Top 100 Chef's in America’ leading other chef's into culinary excellence. Lisa met Paul Newman at Bambu, and was so impressed with her work he hired her to develop two products for Newman's Own and co-authored two cookbooks for him as well. She then opened Hana Sushi in Sun Valley, ID which was very similar to Bambu's business model.


After that, Lisa started her catering company in 2003. Lisa also owns Butter Barn Butter which are gluten free, grass fed, non-gmo and organic. Lisa also created vegan and Keto options as well as vegan and gluten free salad dressings for these ever growing lifestyle. Her products are carried at all Erewhon Market locations. Also visit

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