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About Lisa

At The Malibu Chef, we pride ourselves on offering the best in organic cuisine. Owner and creator, Lisa Stalvey, is a seasoned professional with over four decades of experience in the culinary industry. Having worked with renowned chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Ken Frank, and headed one of Los Angeles' most infamous restaurants- Bambu, Malibu- Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity from her kitchen to yours. Indulge in our delicious and healthy dishes, crafted with passion and expertise. Lisa is constantly challenging herself with new and creative ideas.

Lisa is also an accomplished author, penning her first cookbook, "The Thoughtful Chef" available at Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and other outlets.

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This cookbook is gluten free friendly. All recipes are easy to moderately difficult but easy to follow and can be made with regular flour wherever flour is used. It also offers nutrition information and health tips. Lisa has been a student, if you will, of health since her teens, incorporating her knowledge into her delicious creations. 

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