Menu Ideas

Appetizers | Salads
Seared Sea Scallops- on cucumber with tartar sauce
Ahi Tartar- on potato chips with spicy mayo
Crab Cakes- with fennel, onion, parsely with aioli mayo 
Crab Fennel Cakes
Cold Cucumber Soup- with basil oil and dill
Mache- with goat cheese, dried cranberries and citrus dressing
Mixed Greens- with strawberries, blueberries, pecans with maple lemon dressing
Mixed Greens- with avocado, walnuts, shaved red onion, endive with basil oil and orange dressing
Mains | Buffet Ideas
Salmon- with black rice and veggies and wild greens on top tossed in a basil oil and lemon dressing
Shrimp- sautéed with lime chili butter
BBQ Tri-Tip- with grilled asparagus with baby tomatoes and pine nuts
Baked Green and Black Olive Chicken- with rosemary and garlic
Grilled Lobster- with lemon thyme butter
Plank Baked Salmon- with dill garlic butter and citrus
Plank Baked Salmon with citrus
Seared Sea Scallops- on yellow cauliflower rice and mashed potatoes with lemon honey butter
Scallops on yellow cauliflower rice and
Wild Bass Tacos- with crisp mini street corn tortilla, sour cream and avocado
Baked Salmon- on Fire Roasted Pasilla Chili skin-on 
mashed potatoes with rosemary truffle butter
Baked Salmon with Fire Roasted Pasilla a
Baked Chilean Bass- with red pepper bruschetta and herb butter, ratatouille and Peso rice with tomatoes and zucchini
Mini organic grass fed bufala caprese salad with baby spinach
Wild Pacific Bass Tacos
Gluten Free Brazil Nut Brownie
Vegan GF Brazil Nut and Blueberry Browni
Caviar- on shredded potato galette, sour cream and chives
Caviar on Shredded potato galette with s